Alexandra Vlcek
Lexi V - Hair and Make-up Artist
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Past Work

Make-up Designer:

2016 - Deiana Wood (short film)

2015 - Monalisa Lives (feature), Criteria One (feature), Casa Loca (live event), British Hairdresser Awards (Photoshoot,           Dorata Hairdressers), Fast Cuts (BBC iPlayer Short Films, Baby Cow)

2014 - 7.2 (short)

2013 - It Never Sleeps (feature)

2012 - Consequence (feature), Xtreme Fright Nights (live event)

2011 - Gangsters, Guns and Zombies (feature)

Make-up Assistant:

2017 -  Saatchi and Saatchi (advert), Collaborate Media (recruitment video)

2015 - Bentley Inspirator (online advert), Street Fighter: Resurrection (featurette)

2014 - Unhallowed Ground (feature), Star Trek Las Vegas (live event), Party Pieces (feature), Razors (feature)

2013 - Honeytrap (feature)

2012 - Star Trek London (live event)

Hair and Make-up/Special Effects:

2016 - Judith Owens EPK (promo video), Joe Suggs Prank (YouTube), The Mummy (feature)

2015 - Ringtone (short film), The Cambridge Passion (theatre), Wake Up/Indigo Love (short film), Baby Cow Productions           (Camera Test, Pinewood), PWC Platforms (online advert), Shed of the Dead (feature), Servants’ Quarters (feature),           Cursed (live event), A Quick Fix (short film), Scale of Volatility (music video)

2014 - Cursed (live event), Candi Entertaiment (Corporate Company), Assassin (feature), The Present Tense (short), SO           Television (talent taster)

2013 - The Tricks (music video), From Here (dance video), Toilets (short), Aselissa (music video), Goldwell Colorzoom                 (competition), KMS California (competition), Dux Jones (music video), Cold Committee (music video)

2012 - Goldwell Colorzoom (competition)

2011 - Shocktober Fest (live event), Martelle (music video), Animal Man (music video), Bishop and Babs (music video)

Work shop:

2016 - Harbour (feature), Burberry (Zone Creations), Vikings (Norton Armouries), Ready Player One (Prop Shop), John Lewis (Set Square)

2015 - Con Man (TV Series, mould maker), MineCon London (live event), Shed of the Dead (feature)